Trans-Amigos Express - Packaging Requirements

Materials sent via TAE should be packaged to ensure the safe delivery and return of books and other materials. Nylon mail bags are provided by Amigos and are strongly recommended for use through the courier. Go to the Mail Bags web page to view instructions, FAQs, and tips about the mail bags. Amigos also recommends using jiffy bags or other padded envelopes to protect materials. Interoffice envelopes are recommended for photocopies and non-book papers only.

Item Replacement
Borrowing libraries will be responsible for the replacement costs of items lost or damaged (replacement or repair cost of the item only, not additional processing fees). Borrowing libraries are responsible for items from the time they are shipped by the lending library until the lending library receives them upon return in accordance with the National Interlibrary Loan Code.

No "insurance" is available for packages sent through the TAE courier service and the courier assumes no liability for lost items. Therefore, expensive or non-replaceable items should not be sent through the courier system.

Number and weight of packages
TAE is a closed system, which means that deliveries are made to participating locations only. Your library is not limited by the number or cumulative weight of packages (except that there is a weight limit of 50 lbs. for any one package) or type of content it sends or receives each day.

Please note however, if you have a sizably larger than normal shipment to make at one time, please contact Amigos so that the courier can make arrangements prior to pick-up.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us at 800-843-8482 or