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ByWater Solutions is a privately owned and funded company founded in March of 2009 that remains the preeminent Koha solutions provider in the world. They work with over 1000 libraries worldwide to provide Koha implementation, migration and ongoing support services.

Being self funded, they have no financial affiliations with other corporate entities and no debt. This allows them to always have the interests of their customers and the open source community at the frontline. It was created with the express goal of changing the way libraries interact with their software systems and the vendors who support them.

ByWater is a company of librarians for librarians supporting a product that was created by librarians for librarians. They believe that libraries deserve the freedom to own their software and to decide who supports it, that an ILS vendor needs to constantly work to keep their customers happy, that customers should not rely on long contract terms to maintain a strong customer base and that libraries deserve to have access to a personalized, comprehensive support system at a reasonable cost.

Libraries stay with ByWater because they want to, not because they are legally bound. Because of this, ByWater’s service solutions are all inclusive and are tailored to take the complexity out of interacting with an ILS vendor. They also use high levels of communication to ensure that client’s needs are being met.

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