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American Mathematical Society Tool for Mathematics Research, MathSciNet is the authoritative gateway to the scholarly literature of mathematics. Compiled, edited, and delivered by the American Mathematical Society, the MathSciNet database contains information on over 3 million articles and books, including direct links to over 2 million articles in over 1,800 journals. MathSciNet also includes expert reviews, personalizable author profiles, and citation information on articles, books, journals, and authors.

MathSciNet's resources can help your students and researchers quickly get up to speed on new topics by finding books and articles and tracking their reference lists. It can also help to track a researcher’s body of work, or to research a math department to prepare for a job interview. With Remote Access, your patrons can log in from off-campus locations to get their work done wherever or whenever they need to.

For more information on the database, visit the MathSciNet librarian page, or download a PDF quickstart guide for an overview of basic searching. MathSciNet’s Executive Editor, Edward Dunne, writes about recent additions to the database at his blog, Beyond Reviews.

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