Amigos Library Services Resource Sharing

Amigos Library Services supports resource sharing activities among its members in several ways: training, reciprocal interlibrary loan agreements, and a courier service.

Amigos Library Services Reciprocal Borrowing Agreements
Amigos coordinates two reciprocal interlibrary loan agreements. These reciprocal borrowing agreements, the Amigos Resource Sharing Agreement and the Amigos Western Resource Sharing Agreement, enable no-charge resource sharing among Amigos Library Services members and other participants who sign the agreements. Participating libraries consent to loan and make copies (up to 50 pages) at no charge to other agreement signers. Participants in the reciprocal borrowing programs not only benefit financially, but also save time and strengthen the benefit for all other resource sharing agreement participants.

For more information contact Bea Ramirez, or 800-843-8482 ext. 2830.

Trans-Amigos Express
Trans-Amigos Express, known as TExpress* in Texas, provides regular courier service to public, academic, and specialty libraries.

For more information contact Bea Ramirez, or 800-843-8482 ext. 2830.

Amigos Library Services Continuing Education
Amigos training covers an array of topics important to libraries, including training focused on interlibrary loan and resource sharing. Check our course catalog and class schedule to find classes that will help you improve resource sharing at your library.

For more information contact or 800-843-8482.

* Amigos Library Services membership not required for TExpress participation.