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Facts On File (FOF), an award-winning publisher of print, ebooks and online reference materials has provided 70 years of service to the high school, academic and public library markets. FOF has a reputation of successfully partnering with statewide entities and consortia since first launching electronic resources in 1999.

The FOF online reference databases provide authoritative information in core subject areas such as careers & education, current issues, general reference, geography & culture, history, literature & language arts, medical & health, news services, religion & philosophy and science & mathematics.

eLearning Modules are our newest online product offering. eLearning Modules, providing focused, targeted coverage of core-curriculum topics. Created for libraries and classrooms, eLearning Modules are a unique combination of our multivolume print series with rich media, including high-quality educational videos, images, and support materials that were made specifically to align with that content. These dynamic and compelling online resources pick up where textbooks leave off, bringing the curriculum to life!

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