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Stream the 37 BBC Shakespeare Plays, The Long Search, James Burke's Connections, Bronowski's Ascent of Man and the BBC's latest, McCullough's A History of Christianity and Al-Khalili's Atom. Choose from our 2010-2011 series; Miracle of the Human Body, featuring medical imaging, 3D Animation and cadaver specimens, A History of Civil Rights in America, A History of U.S. Railroads 1810-2010 and The First Amendment in the 21st Century.

Select from over 400 award winning programs in science, art, history and the cultural diversity of our nation.

  • IP Authenticated
  • Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Usage Statistics
  • Easy integration with existing LMS
  • MARC Records from
  • 100% closed captioned
  • LDynamic Bit Rate Switching for best possible image
  • Streaming to Mobile Devices
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