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Docuseek2 is the exclusive streaming video platform for films from renowned leaders in documentary film distribution, including Bullfrog Films, Icarus Films, KimStim Films, Kartemquin Films, National Film Board of Canada Films, Fanlight Films, ScorpionTV, MediaStorm, dGenerate Films and Terra Nova Films. Docuseek2 currently streams over 800 titles across a wide range of subjects, with notable depth in anthropology, the environment, urban studies, the global economy and American Studies. MARC records, chapter stops, captions and interactive transcripts are available for most titles. Flexible licensing options exist for subscriptions to single titles for one or three years. Also, options exist to obtain the entire collection or any subset of it for one, three year or Life of File licensing. Also an Evidence-Based Acquisition model and Life of File Licensing options are also available.

Life of File Licensing options are also available.

Free 30 day trials are available.

Docuseek2 Consortium Licensing Options

  • The Docuseek2 Complete Collection (2nd Edition) will be filled out to 1800 titles by December
    31, 2020. It includes all titles available for academic streaming from Docuseek2. Select this collection for the most comprehensive set of documentary film.
  • The Docuseek2 Essential Collection contains the most recent and most popular titles from our
    participating distributors. The Essential Collection contains approximately 800 titles. The Essential Collection is re-calibrated at the beginning of each year to incorporate the newest and most popular titles.

Complete and Essential Collection licensing options

  • The Docuseek2 Essential Collection is available in three licensing models: 1-year subscription; 3-
    year subscription; and Life of File licenses for all of the films in the collection.
  • The Docuseek2 Complete Collectionl is available in five licensing models: 1-year subscription; 3-
    year subscription; 1-year Life of File Evidence-Based Acquisition; 3-year Life of File Evidence-Based
    Acquisition; and Life of File licenses for all of the films in the collection.

EBA Life of File

  • Docuseek2 now offers a 1-year (EBA) 10 title Life of File and a 3-year EBA 40 title Life of File option. For EBA Life of File, you pay the subscription amount at the start of the first year and have access to the entire collection for that year. At the end of the year, you select the specified number of titles to retain for Life of File. This is a great way to build an outstanding streaming collection. Additional Life of File licenses may be added based on tier price.

Individual Title licenses

  • We license individual titles for one week, one semester (110 days), one year, three years or Life of File (see below). Per title prices drop based on the number of titles licensed and the license term, with price breaks at 15 titles, 30 titles, 60 titles, 100 titles and 200+ titles. This option requires a minimum order of 15 titles to qualify for a consortium discount.


  • Institutions may purchase tokens (minimum of 15) that can be exchanged at a later date for a single title license. Token purchases enable the customer to qualify for a lower per-title price when the needed titles are unknown. Tokens are priced the same as title licenses. We prefer that the tokens are used within a year. To exchange a token, just email The license period for the film begins when the token is exchanged.

Thematic sets, samplers and series

  • We have curated thematic sets of titles that typically have a more attractive license fee than if the titles were licensed individually. Thematic sets exist for many academic disciplines. We also have thematic samplers (typically 12 to 15 titles) attractively priced to help schools get started with streaming. In addition, many titles belong to a series. These series may be licensed as one product. The series license fee is also typically better than licensing as single titles.

About Life of File

  • Our Life of File option licenses the right to stream a file for the life of the H.264/.mp4 codec/file format from your equipment or from ours. If we stream files for the customer, an annual server fee may apply.
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