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Social Explorer provides quick and easy access to current and historical census data and demographic information. The easy to use web interface lets users create maps, and reports to illustrate, analyze, and understand demography and social change. Your social science instructors can develop academic activities that brings real world data into the classroom. Examine current and historical wealth of data at national, state, county, ZIP, neighborhood, and many other geographic levels:
  • The entire U.S. Census 1790-2010, as well as U.S. Decennial Censuses on 2010 Geographies – reallocated data
  • The entire American Community Survey 2005-2017
  • The presidential, congressional, senatorial and gubernatorial results from the Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections 1912-2018 Social Explorer Tract Estimates 2016 and Projections 2022
  • Various Crime, Business, Environmental, Religion, and Health Data
  • International data (United Kingdom Census, Canadian Census, Eurostat, World Development Indicators, Irish religions and population data
  • Plus new data sources added throughout the year.
Invaluable Research and Teaching Tool
  • Visualize data with customizable, user-friendly maps, allowing unparalleled exploration of demographic and social change, revealing the patterns buried in raw numbers.
  • Export, save, and print maps and reports for professional looking reports, presentations, and graphics.
  • Create multi-map presentations with the interactive slideshows tool for in-depth comparisons and story-telling.
  • Create data reports at all geographic levels, including state, county, census tract, block group, zip code, and census place.
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