Skilltype joins the Amigos Discount Direct program, offering members 10% in savings!

The latest vendor to be added to the Amigos Discount Direct program, Skilltype, is a talent and skills management platform, which enables libraries of all types to identify, develop and create higher-performing teams. Part of the Amigos Member Discount service, Discount Direct is a free member benefit that provides members with the opportunity to order library supplies and services directly from vendors at a negotiated discount, including Skilltype, Bibliotecha, DEMCO and more. Amigos Member libraries can receive a receive a 10% discount on a subscription to Skilltype.

Skilltype identifies the library’s skill gaps in real-time, allowing leaders to focus the organization’s time and budget on addressing the most strategic areas. Licensing libraries create an organizational account and the libraries’ employees gain access to Skilltype’s proprietary skills vocabulary to audit current and desired skills within the platform. Skilltype creates personalized training plans for every employee from a growing repository of over 6,000 library trainings.