Illuminate Your Collection with Creative Shelving Tips and Must-Haves From Demco

As more Americans read for pleasure, libraries are getting creative to help patrons discover their next great find. Recent changes in the way users are engaging with libraries makes it important to meet modern expectations without alienating the end user.

Approaching library shelving in a merchandised way allows readers to browse the categories and choose titles and covers that are appealing to them. While call numbers and searchability is still an option, trusting guests to guide themselves through a space and make inspired selections as they go is a growing trend with proven results. Some key components to the success of this shift is signage and genrefication, or grouping books into reasonable collections by subject matter and then alphabetizing within those categories.  

Bookshelf dividers, signage, display bins, game labels, double-sides acrylic diplays, and wire easels are some of Demco’s top products that will help inspire and start the genrefication and creative shelving process. Prioritize the essentials that will refresh library space and help patrons find what they didn’t know they were looking for.  

Learn more about curating a prioritized list of the products to help illuminate your collection with Amigos vendor partner Demco.