Conference News

2021 Member Conference Theme Announced! Save the Date: May 12

Conference theme: What Will We Keep: Creating the Next Remix of Library Services

In 2020 we saw libraries close, partially reopen, fully reopen, and some we watched go through the cycle multiple times. Through it all, libraries adapted to the new operational and service landscape in unique and unprecedented ways. While some of these changes are not sustainable or ideal long term, many of these adaptations are proving to be beneficial solutions.

Keynote Speaker Announced for "Moving On: Migrating Library Content and Data"

President-elect of the Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures, the newest division of the American Library Association and Head of Collection Strategies and Scholarly Communication at the University of Rochester, Lindsay Cronk will present the keynote session, "What Moves Us: Approaching Migration, Managing Change".

Registration Open for Moving On: Migrating Library Content and Data

"This link worked yesterday – why doesn't it work now?" "Will all of our local MARC fields migrate when we change catalogs?" When it comes to integrated library systems and electronic resources platforms, the one constant is change. Whether it's migrating all your MARC records to a new catalog system or updating URLs when an e-book vendor changes their platform, most library staff members encounter a migration at least once in their career. These processes can be daunting, but they don’t have to be scary.