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Early Access and 20% Discount Available for Project MUSE Books 2023 Frontlist Collections

The 2023 Annual Frontlist Collections of books on Project MUSE are now available for purchase, with a 20% early bird discount offered on purchases through February 2023. The Annual Frontlist Collections offer libraries the earliest access to newly-published books from the more than 200 university press and related scholarly publishers who participate in MUSE book collections. The 2023 Complete Annual Frontlist collection is guaranteed to include over 2,700 new releases, an increase of nearly 300 titles over the 2022 collection. The growth in collection size is attributable to both new contributing publishers, and an influx of new books whose original publication dates were delayed due to the global pandemic.

Amigos Improves Members’ Subscription Renewal Experience with Switch to ConsortiaManager

In October 2022, Amigos made the transition to ConsortiaManager (CM) as its subscription management system. CM is a commercial product specific to consortia and used worldwide by more than 40 consortia. It offers numerous benefits to both Amigos members and Amigos staff, including improved data management, robust reporting capabilities, and more opportunities for members to engage with their subscription information.

What’s New With BioOne: 2023 Collection Updates

Amigos vendor BioOne is a nonprofit publisher that aims to make scientific research more accessible and has several exciting updates and changes happening and in store for 2023. BioOne's core product is BioOne Complete, an aggregation of 200+ independently published journals in the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences and several exciting updates and changes happening and in store for 2023.