Like the Ceiling Can’t Hold Us: Sharing Innovations in Libraries - speakers

Roslyn Dean portrait

Keynote Speaker: Roslyn Dean -

Session Time: 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. CDT

Keynote Session Title: Opening Keynote: Innovations in Libraries

Session Description: What is next for library innovation? As libraries continue their primary mission - to offer access to information - we garner ideas to implement emerging technologies that broaden the reach and access. Broward County Library (BCL) recently implemented two innovative initiatives designed to expand access to the library in unique ways and reach customers beyond the walls of the library.

BCL's Project Welcome initiative innovatively invites and guides newcomers/immigrants – English Language Learners as they adjust to living in Broward. The multi-faceted initiative consists of several ways to offer programs and services in multiple languages so that limited- or non-English speakers have access to information without the limitation of language. One way the initiative does this is through the implementation of Amazon Echo Dot voice assistance devices, using language translation technology to bridge the language barrier.

Virtual AARLCC, another BCL innovation, is the 3D modeling program that expanded access to the African American Research Library and Culture Center's (AARLCC) special collections. The project team 3D scanned African artifacts in the special collections and made them available on a website designed especially for featuring the objects. Although accessible to the public by appointment, these objects were hidden treasures that some may have never been aware of until the inception of Virtual AARLCC. Now, the 3D images of these artifacts are accessible to anyone interested via a free website.

Learning Objectives: The goal of this presentation is to help participants understand how voice assistance tools enhance library services. The speaker will also help participants identify ways to use digitization to expand access to library collections and explore new ways to innovate library services.

Speaker Bio: Dr. Roslyn Dean is the Community Engagement Manager for Broward County Library in Fort Lauderdale, FL. She supervises adult, youth, and learning program services for the library system as well as digital initiatives, outreach, volunteer services, and advantage marketing. In her over two years with Broward County Library, she has spearheaded initiatives such as the library's LSTA grant awarded projects for 3D scanning archived objects in the Special Collections and the Echo Dot language translation program. She was recently selected as one of Library Journal's Movers and Shakers for Innovation and is currently overseeing the library's new virtual programming initiative. Dr. Dean's primary focus is on bringing innovative programs and services with a technology spin to Broward County Library users.

Kim Gile portrait

Speaker: Kim Gile -

Session Time: 11:15 - 12:00 p.m. CDT

Session Title: A New Model of Librarianship

Session Description: When you think of a Reference Librarian, you probably imagine someone sitting at a desk in a library somewhere, flanked by reference books that can only be used in the library. That vision is still accurate for a lot of public libraries, but it isn't always relevant to the communities those libraries serve.

The way people access information has changed. By changing how we think about librarianship, we have the ability to make libraries relevant in a way that we haven't been. In this session, you'll learn about the Kansas City Public Library's new Community Reference Team and how this service innovation is helping our community to thrive.

Learning Objectives: You'll learn why and how the Community Reference Team was formed, see examples of job descriptions, our mission model canvas, and our accountability measures.

Speaker Bio: Kim Gile is the Community Reference Manager at the Kansas City Public Library, and has worked in suburban and urban public libraries since 2001. She has a bachelor’s degree in International Business Management with a concentration in Human Resources from the University of Kansas, and a master’s in Information Science and Library Technology from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Rachel Valentine portrait

Speaker: Rachel Valentine -

Session Time: 11:15 - 12:00 p.m. CDT

Session Title: Creating an Online Escape Room

Session Description: How do we engage students with information literacy? As we all know Generation Z has come to college and they are a whole new type of student. To try to meet their needs, Blinn College Library (BCL) began offering escape rooms/lockbox activities in the Fall semester of 2019. They created 4 "rooms" that focused on different aspects of information literacy. They successfully used kits from to create these experiences ... then COVID-19 happened.

Suddenly all of BCL'S services had to happen online and they needed a way for students to learn information literacy skills without coming into the library. Many of their research resources like databases and LibGuides were already online, but how were they going to show students how to use them without library instruction? Enter the Online Escape Room activity.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understanding of what an online escape room is
  2. Understanding of the creation of an online escape room
  3. Location of tools to create an online escape room

Speaker Bio: Librarianship is often a career that one comes to slowly, but Rachel loves helping students learn how to do research because she loves to research herself. Rachel earned a Bachelor of Arts in History from Texas Tech University, a Master of Arts in Modern British Women's History from London Metropolitan University, and a Master of Library Science from Texas Woman's University. She is currently a Reference and Instruction Librarian at Blinn College Library in Bryan, TX.

Jonathan Cavazos portrait

Speaker: Jonathan Cavazos -

Session Time: 11:15 - 12:00 p.m. CDT

Session Title: Down the Rabbit Hole: Using Social Media to Promote Digital Resources in the time of COVID-19

Session Description: When Northwest Vista College (NVC) went remote in response to the COVID19 pandemic, library staff were challenged to stay in touch with patrons and let them know that the library is here and more relevant than ever. In addition, staff were tasked with promoting the library’s digital instead of tangible resources.

NVC enabled a collaborative editing system by planning ahead. By collaborating over Zoom and Google Hangouts, creating current up-to-date promotional materials with Canva, scheduling social media posts through Hootesuite and scheduling virtual displays through Trello, the librarians and the library assistants are able to disseminated information to patrons online.

In the physical environment they previously set up displays on a month by month basis, and due to Covid19 the scheduling and displays are now online. By adding all their ideas to a central online board, the library assistants are able to claim the displays they would like to do. In this practical presentation, participants will learn more about how they plan virtual displays to supplant the physical material they would have normally displayed and several other ways that NVC Library uses freely available resources to schedule, edit, and communicate information to patrons.

Learning Objectives: Participants will learn about various social media platforms used to promote digital library resources. They will also learn how to develop material for the various social media platforms, and how to schedule the posts developed.

Speaker Bio: Jonathan Cavazos holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from Texas State University and recently earned his master's degree in Library and Information Science from The University of North Texas. Jonathan is on his second year working at Northwest Vista College as a Library Assistant. With the first months on the job being at the brick and mortar library, he continues to learn to adapt to the online methods the library uses now that they've switched to a remote platform. Jonathan is looking forward to sharing with attendees some of the cool and innovative things they have been doing in their library and Northwest Vista College.

Kay Hones portrait

Speaker: Kay Hones -

Session Time: 12:15 - 1:00 p.m. CDT

Session Title: HEAL = Help Educate & Learn

Session Description: This session will explore Teen Service Learning Projects that promote healthy choices, including where students helped create Healing Backpacks for every class and a project where they planned, shopped & assembled healthy snack bags for all students before Thanksgiving, winter & spring breaks. Located one block from city hall, Civic Center Secondary serves students in grades 7 through 12 who come from many areas of the city. For these at-risk students with habitual truancy, behavior issues, and histories of suspension and expulsion, the goal is to change behavior so that these students will stay in school and earn enough credits to graduate.

Learning Objectives: Student service learning provides students with opportunities to develop ideas, create projects and programs, and to become leaders with empathy. Students gain confidence as they plan, organize & complete service learning projects. Student use reflections for changes and future action with the 3-2-1 reflection.

Speaker Bio: KE Hones worked as the school librarian at Civic Center Secondary, San Francisco. During 2013-2014 school year, she created brand new libraries at Hilltop & Civic Center. She is a National Board Credentialed librarian.

Becky Shaknovich portrait

Speakers: Becky Shaknovich - and Bari Koral

Session Time: 12:15 - 1:00 p.m. CDT

Session Title: Happy and Calm: Children's Yoga & Mindfulness for Virtual and In-Person Programming

Session Description: Navigating our world can be challenging, but the right mindfulness tools can make all the difference. Discover a wonderful world of songs and activities that make it easy to incorporate yoga and mindfulness into children's programming. Relax with a gingerbread man, listen like a superhero, feel calm in the starlight and much more! Learn the incredible benefits of yoga and mindfulness and how these practices support children’s emotional literacy at the library and beyond.

Becky Shaknovich, Children's Librarian and Department Head at the Free Library of Philadelphia's Parkway Central Children's Department, along with kids yoga expert & popular recording artist Bari Koral, will share some of the best mindfulness tools you can use right now. As levels of stress and anxiety run high, there is more need than ever for children to learn ways to self soothe, manage their feelings, and build their self-esteem and self-love. Libraries are moving toward a community focused approach, creating innovative programming to meet community needs and provide education in the types of literacy necessary for success in today's world. Mindfulness and yoga provide essential emotional literacy skills - how to self-soothe, manage emotions, and maintain emotional wellness. Many children deal with trauma on an ongoing basis, and all children experience stress and overwhelming emotions, creating blocks and challenges to participating fully in school and community, now and as they grow. Mindfulness provides essential life skills for coping and increased happiness, making space in people's lives for other types of literacy and learning. Many libraries are already responding to their communities by providing yoga classes. We now have a unique opportunity to expand and integrate this essential emotional literacy into children's library programming (both virtual and in-person), ensuring that it is not reserved only for those who can afford expensive classes at commercial yoga studios.

Through active participation, you’ll discover how mindfulness tools can help with self-regulation, relaxation, and focused attention. Learn how to seamlessly incorporate mindfulness and yoga into storytime and other existing library programming, or quickly and easily plan engaging yoga programming for children. This presentation, accessible to participants regardless of experience, skill, and ability, also includes a self-care portion for your own well being.

Learning Objectives: Bring yoga, mindfulness and well-being for children & families to your library with ready-to-use songs, activities, poses, and tools! Learn how to integrate yoga, music, meditation, and mindfulness seamlessly into storytime or other programming; quickly and easily plan 30-60 minute yoga programs for virtual or in-person presentation. This training is accessible to people of all skill levels and abilities, and the activities can be adapted to fit the needs of librarians and/or program attendees.

Becky Shaknovich Bio: Becky Shaknovich, Department Head, Free Library of Philadelphia Central Children's Department, earned her Master of Library and Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh in 2008. She has worked in children’s services in public libraries for ten years, and has completed over 50 hours of training in children's yoga. Becky is passionate about sharing her love of mindfulness and yoga with children & families.

Bari Koral Bio: Bari Koral, kids yoga expert and award-winning recording artist, is widely recognized as one of the leading educators in the field of children's yoga. She has shared the powerful benefits of yoga and mindfulness to over 30,000 educators.

Doug Crane portrait

Speaker: Doug Crane -

Session Time: 2:00 - 2:45 p.m. CDT

Session Title: From Inbox to Completion: The Secrets to Successful Workflow

Session Description: Is your inbox overflowing? Is your work spilling onto every available surface? Do you want to get more stuff done in less time while looking effortless in the process? In this energizing class, you will learn the best practices for workflow management based on an internationally recognized system.

Learning Objectives:

  1. The definitive five phases of workflow
  2. The key questions to ask about any item on your physical or virtual desk
  3. The role of functional folders for later action or reference
  4. The importance of a weekly review

Speaker Bio: Doug Crane was appointed Library Director in 2014 and under his direction the System has won numerous awards including an Urban Library Council Innovation Award. He currently serves on the State Library Council of Florida as Past Chair and is Past President of the Southeast Florida Library Information Network (SEFLIN). His article, "Efficient Librarianship – A New Path for the Profession" was published in the Nov/Dec 2017 issue of Public Libraries Magazine.

Doug Crane was appointed Library Director of the Palm Beach County Library System in 2014 and under his direction.

the quest team: Kristen Getzin, Jocelyn Levin, Jennifer Perryman, and Sarah Swiderski portraits

Speaker: Jocelyn Levin -

Session Time: 2:00 - 2:45 p.m. CDT

Session Title: Michigan Library Quest: How We Created a Multi-Library Virtual Teen Engagement Challenge

Session Description: COVID-19 related library closures brought a new set of challenges to library professionals in 2020. As each individual library sought to continue providing quality services and programming to their patrons in a new manner, a group of library professionals in Michigan collaborated to create and participate in "MI Library Quest," a multi-library virtual scavenger hunt for teens throughout the state.

Collaboration is essential in a time of crisis when everyone needs support from colleagues, and innovation is necessary when the normal abundance of resources is not as readily available. Libraries across Michigan, recognizing the need for innovative collaboration, created the "MI Library Quest" through open and honest dialogue between library professionals and with a willingness to reach out and collaborate. An initial small team from 16 libraries chose a digital scavenger as the first big project with plans for future collaboration. Once the idea was shared with colleagues, the project grew to include 92 library systems within two weeks.

A diverse group of libraries, under the facilitation of the Library of Michigan, created and participated in a successful multi-library scavenger hunt, the MI Library Quest, during the summer of 2020. This program was designed to engage teens in a fun virtual activity and to encourage exploration of participating libraries’ services. It provided an activity for teens that would have been impossible without the collaboration of many libraries.

While many libraries seek to work with various organizations and businesses in our communities, we often forget that we can partner with one another as well, even from a distance, to create quality programming. Sharing resources, knowledge, and skills with other library professionals not only contributed to a successful event for teens, but was also a benefit to the librarians involved. The chance to collaborate and even just chat with other professionals provides welcome support in the best of times, and was especially helpful in mid-2020, when we were all trying to work in a climate of relative isolation. Inspiration from this group benefited not only this project but our other individual library projects as well.

In this session, attendees will learn how to use readily available tools and resources to create their own multi-library virtual programs, how to best work together to build successful engagement across your state or on a smaller scale, how to prepare for and mediate potential challenges teams may face, and how sharing responsibilities and skills can support the profession as a whole.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn the steps and growing process that led to this collaboration of 92 separate library systems.
  2. Learn how virtual collaboration with both real-time meetings and independent responsibilities can be utilized to create a multi-library event.
  3. Learn how to create a successful multi-library virtual scavenger hunt for teens that is not only engaging, but encourages exploration of library services across their region.

Speaker Bio: Kristen Getzin, Jocelyn Levin, Jennifer Perryman, and Sarah Swiderski are representing the Quest Team. Kristen is a newbie to the library world, with a museum programming background. She joined Fraser Public Library as Programming & Youth Services Librarian in 2019. Jocelyn has been the Head of Youth Services at Lyon Township Public Library since 2017, and has been a public librarian for 15 years. Jennifer has been the Youth Services Coordinator at Milan Public Library for 15 years. Sarah joined the Salem-South Lyon District Library as Youth and Teen Services Librarian in 2018, and has worked in libraries for seven years.

John Eye portrait

Speaker: John Eye -

Session Time: 2:00 - 2:45 p.m. CDT

Session Title: Resisting the Pull of Copyright Misuse in an Educational Setting

Session Description: Copyright compliance in a library environment is complex and nuanced, but there are strategies that can be employed to navigate the ambiguousness of fair use and some of the other options available to library innovators. An understanding of the overall purpose of copyright and its limitations within the law can be helpful to make fair and reasonable decisions involving users' access to information.

Learning Objectives: Participants will learn the basic premise of copyright law within an education setting and be able to better understand the arguments that support an assertive stance for exercising fair use and other affirmative defenses.

Speaker Bio: John Eye is dean of library university libraries and professor of library science at the University of Southern Mississippi. Originally from Minnesota, he worked as a school library media specialist and technology coordinator for 10 years before going to Southern Utah University in 2001 to serve as the web librarian and later the dean of the library. John holds a doctor of education and an education specialist degree from The University of South Dakota, Master’s of Library and Information Science from Wayne State University, and a master’s and bachelor’s degree from St. Cloud State University.

kYmberly Keeton portrait

Speaker: kYmberly Keeton -

Session Time: 3:00 - 3:45 p.m. CDT

Session Title: Closing Keynote: The Poetics of Libraries and Innovation and the "Rhyme" of Radical Pedagogy

Session Description: During these stressful, chaotic, and uncertain times the library is still a force to be reckoned with - we are the history and culture-keepers in society. Innovation does not happen in one day but then again it can happen in one way. It will take new thought-leaders, information professionals, and creatives in the library to maneuver through the poetics and politics of libraries to create new systems that pin-point new ways of meeting patrons where they are in a world that is no longer the same. Not to mention all information professionals need to rethink their global stance which equals out to be a self-appropriated radical pedagogy that intersects with the rhyme scheme of their respective institutions.

Learning Objectives:

  • To inform participants about why they are important in this unique time in history as well as the new decade.
  • To educate participants about the current trends in library innovation through new concepts and positions being created to meet the needs of their respective communities.
  • To inspire participants to develop a radical approach to wellness, professional development, and advocacy for change that fits their lifestyle.

Speaker Bio: kYmberly Keeton is a native Texan, a nationally published writer, an art librarian & archivist, and genealogy curator. By day, the American Library Association Emerging Leader and Library Journal 2020 Mover & Shaker is the African American Community Archivist & Librarian at the Austin History Center, Austin Public Library. Independently, kYmberly is the founder of ART | library deco and the Chief Artistic Officer of NOVELLA MEDIA, a creative multimedia production company. Currently, the writer is working on a PhD in Data Science. The creative interdisciplinary mixologist can be seen on the regular with her dog, Roxy Blue. And if nothing else, kYmberly is always taking time to read books, write hooks, and design the next…

"Life is the art of drawing without an eraser." -John W. Gardner