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BioOne Expands Their Collection With New and Updated Titles for 2023

BioOne Complete Title Addition for 2023
BioOne Complete is a curated collection; each year they thoughtfully partner with leading societies in the biosciences to bring BioOne Complete users access to more research. BioOne is pleased to announce the addition of a new title from the Entom seological Society of America (ESA) — Insect Systematics and Diversity. This title officially joined the BioOne Complete collection on January 3, 2023.

Reduce Spending and Increase Learning With Niche Academy

A content creation tool, content library, and LMS wrapped in one, Niche Academy helps libraries reduce the time and cost of delivering the training & learning outcomes community needs. Their easy-to-use learning platform helps to not only collect data on the usage of resources but measure the effectiveness of resources, too. Niche’s all-in-one learning solution will help to re-engage students by implementing an effective hybrid learning model, improve the accessibility of online resources and more.