TAE/TExpress Tips

Follow these useful tips to save staff time and ensure timely shipments:

  • Check your labels to be sure the location number and hub city match what is on the Amigos website, both for your location and the receiving location.
  • Update your participant list. See http://www.amigos.org/node/137 to help prevent delays due to returned or lost shipments.
  • Pack your items properly to ensure safe passage through the courier service.
  • Make sure the label is clearly visible and secured to the package. Place a strip of invisible or Scotch® tape on the inside flap of the window on the nylon bags to prevent the label from slipping out during transit.
  • Check for the barcode on all TAE/TExpress purple nylon bags, and add a barcode label to all items not shipped in the bags. Barcodes help us locate missing items and ensure that your items reach their destinations in a timely manner.
  • Designate a TAE pick-up/drop-off location separate from your United States Postal Service pick-up location.

Do you know a library that might be interested in joining the TAE/TExpress courier service? Tell them how you benefit from the service and have them contact Amigos to discuss the pricing and resource-sharing benefits of becoming a participant, or let us know and we’ll contact them.