eShelf Service Early Release Program Available Exclusively for Amigos Members

Would you like a sneak preview of our service? Not just a demonstration, but a way to use it with your patrons in your library at no cost for using the platform? Have we got a deal for you!

Many of you have been following the development of our Amigos eShelf℠ service, our library-based e-book distribution platform. We have some wonderful libraries that are piloting the service for us and are close to finishing that piece of the project. This summer, we will have the initial service available to both members and non-members.

We have, however, an offer available exclusively for Amigos members.

If you meet the requirements below, you can take part in our Early Release Program, in which you only pay for the e-books you purchase and, in return, allow testing using a larger group of libraries. There will be no platform or start-up fees as part of the Early Release Program; you pay just for the e-books you purchase. If you decide to stay with the Amigos eShelf℠ service after the Early Release Program ends, Amigos will charge an annual platform fee. If not, we will give the e-books you have purchased to your library so you can add them to another DRM-based e-book platform.

Requirements for the Early Release Program:

  • Must be an Amigos member or a Founding Library
  • Must use either barcode authentication or IP range authentication, e.g., EZProxy
  • Must create a single collection for your library; there are no shared collections at this time
  • Must purchase ebooks from our current list of publishers. (show current list of publishers)
  • Must create a deposit account with Amigos to pay for the e-books you purchase
  • Must provide these e-books via download to your patrons
  • Must share input about your use of the system. In this way, you continue to help us test through the spring of 2015. The service will have been tested by both Amigos staff and our pilot libraries beforehand, but your help will allow us to test with more libraries and in varying environments.

The Early Release Program will be available exclusively to Amigos members later this spring. If you submit our form, we will provide you with more specific dates as we get closer. We hope that many of you will take us up on this offer. It will not obligate you to stay, although we hope you will remain with us, helping us refine and strengthen this important new Amigos service.

As an added incentive, we will give an Amigos eShelf℠ service microfiber cloth to every member that signs up for the Early Release Program.

To take part in our Early Release Program, complete and submit this form. If you have questions, contact Christine Peterson, 800-843-8482, ext. 2891, or