Amigos eShelf℠ Service Partners with eBooksAreForever

November 3, 2016
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Tracy Rochow Byerly, Chief Specialty Services Officer
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Dallas, TX – Amigos Library Services is pleased to announce its partnership with eBooksAreForever (EAF), San Antonio, TX. This partnership allows the subscribers of Amigos eShelf℠ Service, an e-book distribution platform, access to the comprehensive catalog of independent e-book titles offered by EAF.

"EAF has been working directly with Amigos throughout the build-out and testing of the Amigos eShelf℠ Service platform, and we couldn't be more thrilled to see our two services integrated in such a seamless way," said August Wainwright, cofounder of eBooksAreForever. "Libraries want titles from indie authors – this is something we’ve heard over and over – but many feel overwhelmed with the process of selecting titles. Now, any library who has access to the Amigos eShelf℠ Service can easily purchase a collection of curated indie titles and have those titles available to their patrons with little to no additional effort."

Amigos has worked closely with EAF in support of EAF's application program interfaces, or APIs, to facilitate the integration process between the two services. As a result, a library can now visit the EAF website and purchase individual titles or the entire collection using its Amigos eShelf℠ Service identification number. The purchase is automatically synchronized with the library's eShelf℠ Service account, making the purchases immediately available to the library's patrons through the eShelf℠ Service. The seamless process takes only minutes and eliminates the need for invoicing or purchase orders.

"We're very excited to see this come together," said Amigos eShelf℠ Service Manager, Christine Peterson. "This partnership opens up the EAF collection to Amigos member and nonmember libraries who use our service. It significantly expands our available titles as we continue to grow this exciting new program."

Wainwright noted that the independent titles EAF represents are popular in the consumer marketplace, but may have never been made available to library patrons. "This opens up patrons to an entire segment of the market that is vastly underserved," he said. "We're confident readers will love our titles, so it's great to make them so easily accessible through the eShelfSM Service platform."

The Amigos eShelf℠ Service e-book platform, designed by libraries for libraries, offers an affordable and flexible option for libraries seeking to capitalize on their patrons' growing use of electronic books and readers. Amigos is actively enrolling libraries in the new service that debuted late in 2015. For more information on the service, visit the Amigos eShelf℠ Service website, send an email message to, or contact Christine Peterson, or 800-843-8482, ext. 2891. For more information about eBooksAreForever, visit the EAF website or contact August Wainwright,

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