Voting Representatives: Information about May 15th Amigos Member Business Meeting

Earlier this week, Voting Representatives should have received an email with the Call to Meeting from Board of Directors Chair Sheila Johnson. This message contained links to documents requiring actions of Members during the meeting including Board of Directors elections and a membership vote on the proposed Restated and Amended Certificate of Formation and the Restated and Amended Bylaws. A pin number for online directed proxy voting was also included in the email.

The information was also sent to you via U.S. First Class Mail this week. The packet contains print copies of the Call to Meeting, candidate information sheets and the proposed Restated and Amended Certificate of Formation and Restated and Amended Bylaws.

All directed proxy ballots whether submitted on paper or online, are due at the Amigos office no later than 5:00 p.m. Friday, May 3, 2019. A return envelope is provided for the paper ballot. You may vote also during the Amigos Members Business Meeting on May 15th. You must register to attend the meeting.

If you are the Voting Representative for your library and you did not receive the email or packet, please contact Trisha Mooney at or 1-800-843-8482 ext. 2840.