Additional Discount on BioOne.1 with Purchase of Full Collection

BioOne continues to be a strong collection for Institutions with programs in biology, environmental science, ecology and agriculture. With six new titles in 2011, BioOne will be home to 166 total publications, 114 of which (69%) are ISI-ranked. In addition to its two subscribed collections, BioOne continues to be home to twelve open access publications, freely available to all users and fully integrated with the subscribed titles.

In light of difficult economic times and budget cuts, BioOne has instituted a major change in pricing that means additional savings for subscribers to the full collection. Previously, BioOne applied an additional 5% discount to the price of BioOne.2 for libraries subscribing to the both collections. Beginning in 2011, however, that extra discount applies to BioOne.1 so that subscribers to the full collection will save 15% off the higher price-point collection.

Current title lists may be found at

For more information contact Susie Thompson at or 800-843-4282, ext. 2880.