CloudSource OA – A New Way to Find Quality Vetted OA Content

CloudSource OA delivers vetted, quality OA articles, eTextbooks, and eBooks in a seamless and intuitive way to your end users. CloudSource OA includes:

  • A comprehensive index of OA content
  • Collection management tools
  • Mobile friendly and ADA compliant discovery
  • Software that integrates the open content with learning management systems (LMS) to support OER initiatives
  • COUNTER formatted usage statistics

CloudSource OA provides easy access to OA content that is frequently missing from traditional discovery products. CloudSource OA also provides analytics necessary to begin transitioning towards a more financially sustainable collection development program.

For a list of webinars covering an overview of CloudSource OA go to and register.

Coming soon – CloudSource OA webinar on June 22nd at 10am (Central). To learn more about CloudSource OA please register by contacting Bea Ramirez at