Omnigraphics offers OmniBundles on Diversity, Mental Health and Disabilities Titles

Updating or expanding your disabilities, diversity or mental health collections? Omnigraphics offers selected titles or OmniBundles that provide historical perspectives on discrimination and racial literacy, timely mental health topics or a wide-range of coverage on disabilities subjects. The Omnigraphics Bundles offer resources that help students and patrons understand our world and the human condition.

Disabilities OmniBundle

  • Disabilities SB, 4th Ed.
  • Learning and Developmental Disabilities SB, 1st Ed.
  • Auditory Impairment and Assistive Hearing SB, 1st Ed.
  • Communication Disabilities SB, 1st Ed.
  • Disability Rights, Benefits, and Support Services SB, 1st Ed.
  • Mental Disability and Rehabilitation SB, 1st Ed.
  • Physical Disability and Rehabilitation SB, 1st Ed.
  • Visual Impairment and Rehabilitation SB, 1st Ed.

Diversity OmniBundle

  • Understanding and Navigating Discrimination in America
  • Women in the Workplace in America, 1900-2021
  • Holidays Around the World, 6th Ed.
  • Understanding Islam and Muslim Traditions, 2nd Ed.
  • African-American Holidays, Festivals, and Celebrations, 2nd Ed.

Mental Health OmniBundle

  • Stress-Related Disorders Sourcebook, 5th Ed.
  • Mental Health Disorders Sourcebook, 7th Ed.
  • PTSD and Coping with Trauma Sourcebook, 1st Ed.
  • Depression Sourcebook, 5th Ed.
  • Anxiety Disorders Sourcebook, 2nd Ed.

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