Amigos Library Services Joins CloudSource OA Pilot Program

SirsiDynix has partnered with Amigos Library Services to offer member libraries pilot access to CloudSource OA, a new content platform from SirsiDynix that delivers vetted, quality open access (OA) articles, eTextbooks, and eBooks in an intuitive way to library users. The CloudSource OA package also includes Course Lists, a software that facilitates library collaboration with faculty on affordable learning initiatives that emphasize library licensed and open materials. Amigos members will have free use of CloudSource OA through 2021 and receive ongoing discounts once the product is generally available.

"SirsiDynix is pleased to be working with Amigos to promote the use of OA materials," said Rick Branham, VP of Academic and Content Solutions. "Libraries, funders, and higher education institutions have put a lot of work into encouraging authors to choose OA licenses, and there is now a wealth of OA content available across many disciplines. It's our goal to give libraries the tools they need to make this content easily accessible to their users."

Learn more in the company's press release.