SimplyE Update. What’s New?

Has it been a while since you've considered the Amigos SimplyE service for your library? This ebook/audiobook platform is now a staple within the cadre of Amigos services, giving patrons the opportunity to see titles from multiple e-content providers within a single app.

Over 150 public libraries are using the Amigos-hosted SimplyE service. With changes over the past year, this app includes more functionality and is more stable than ever. If you haven’t checked in lately:

  • Updated Android and iOS apps which provide more stability and reliability
  • Ebooks and audiobooks from major e-content vendors like Overdrive, BIbiliotheca, and Axis360
  • Increased accessibility now, with more accessibility options on the way
  • Promotes the relationship between your patron and your library, not your e-content vendor
  • Patron privacy and confidentiality built into the app during development, not added in at the last minute
  • Updated and upgraded server infrastructure, focused on providing your patrons with a positive experience

We are looking forward to more positive changes in the next year! Stop by one of our free SimplyE webinars or contact us directly with questions or a request for a demonstration. We would love to talk to you!