Upgrade Your Printing Options for Patrons with Princh

Princh is hosting a webinar exclusively for Amigos Library Service’s public library members on Tuesday, September 21st at 11am CDT to discuss how their contactless printing solution is a great fit for public libraries.

Princh provides a self-service printing and payment solution with pricing tailored to libraries of all sizes.

The Discount Direct agreement offers Amigos Public Library members a full 10% off their first annual fee.

During the 45-min webinar, the benefits of Princh will be discussed, including:

  • Integrated electronic payment, which allows patrons to easily pay for print jobs from their own devices.
  • Self-service, bring your own device (BYOD) printing, which reduces the need for staff interaction.
  • User-friendly interface allows less tech-savvy library visitors to print without assistance.

Attending the webinar is free and it will be held on Microsoft Teams.

Please register your attendance by clicking here.

Make sure to sign-up in order to learn how Princh will make the printing and payment process simple and easy, by offering a seamless printing experience across all devices for every library user.

Hope to see you there!