Three Exciting Trial Opportunities: Interstride, Nurimedia, and RAND Statistics!

In an effort to gage member interest in potential new vendor partners, we asked Interstride, Nurimedia, and RAND Statistics to open trials for their products/services for Amigos members. We did this in an effort to provide an opportunity for members to give feedback or express interest in a vendor before we onboard new vendor partners. Product information and trial details are below.

Interstride’s mission is to make international education equitable and inclusive by closing the opportunity gap for international students; and to empower all students seeking international opportunities. Students use Interstride today as a database of information on visa and immigration, international companies and international-friendly jobs, network of international students and alumni, and more. This information is typically siloed in university departments or as scattered Internet resources; Interstride offers an easy one-stop-shop. We aim to be universities’ dedicated resource for international students and opportunities.

'Moazine' provides access to more than 215 Korean magazines titles including archive access. Both mobile and PC versions are available for users. It provides efficient content managing as browsing e-magazines with ASP including clear images & excellent readability. You can check out the contemporary trend of Korean politics, economy, lifestyle, fashion, travel, sports and K-POP related issues.

'DBpia' is a Korean Academic Journals Database. DBpia provides the best academic journals issued by Korea’s leading academic society with 8 topic areas (Humanities, Social Science, Natural Science, Engineering, Medical Science, Agronomy/Oceanography/Fisheries Science, Art/Sports, Interdisciplinary Studies). DBpia provides about 4,000 kinds of academic periodicals, and 3.5 million academic articles (Kor·Eng) relating to 800 of the Korean Citation Index (KCI) and 70 of the global citation indices such as the SCIE, the SCOPUS, etc.

'KRpia' is an archive of knowledge contents database covering from Koreanology or Korean Studies to liberal arts. It also offers supplementary resources, such as terminology dictionaries, historical records, and literature, etc.

Rand Statistics:
RAND State Statistics, sponsored by the nation's largest (and leading) think tank, includes a collection of more than 200 unique socioeconomic databases that cover all 50 U.S. states. In operation for more than two decades, they have provided services to hundreds of academic and public libraries, including Stanford University, Princeton, the University of Texas, and UCLA, as well as numerous community college, public, and K-12 library systems. RAND State Statistics provides median 20 year time series for more than 200 social science statistical databases, including Births, Health Insurance, and Multi-Race Population by Age and Gender, which contains more than 1,000 combinations of race/ethnicity, age, and gender for all U.S. counties. Subscribers can view, download, graph, and map most data. Premium subscribers (with a surcharge) can download entire datasets that would otherwise take days or longer to clean and download. They continue to improve the site, recently adding a Social Determinants of Health DB with more than 300 data categories.

If you’re interested in a trial for one (or all three!) reach out to Laurence ( ) with the email addresses you would like to have trial access for.