BayScan Works with Epson – Offers Rebate

BayScan has recently developed a new automated hold slip printer with Epson. They have worked with many libraries to set up the holds printer with thermal paper that has adhesive on the edges.

In addition to this development, Bayscan is offering three products:

  1. Standard Epson ReStick printer with no automation.
  2. Automated USB hardwired Epson ReStick printer. This unit is used when there is no receipt printer attached to the PC where items are being checked in. The printer will accept the receipt information from the ILS, not print a receipt but will print the hold slip in the format that the library wants.
  3. Automated Wireless Epson ReStick printer. This unit works in conjunction with an Epson receipt printer to automatically print a hold slip when a hold is trapped in the format the library wants. The receipt printer needs to be an Epson and we can retrofit existing Epson printers with the wireless card required.

There is currently a rebate offer from Epson on replacing existing printers. For additional information, contact Gerrye McEntire at