ACM Counter 5 Compliant Usage Statistics Now Available

Amigos members who subscribe the ACM can now find their usage statistics at: The ACM provides COUNTER 5 compliant usage statistics to subscribers to the ACM Digital Library. If you are an administrator at your organization and would like access to these usage reports, or you are having trouble logging into your institution’s account, please contact us at

The available reports include standard COUNTER 5 reports such as JR1 and JR4. However, none of these standard reports include usage for conference proceedings which are critically important to the fields of computer science and IT and make up over two thirds (67%) of the full text articles that are included in the ACM Digital Library. Therefore, it’s important for subscribers to review the report entitled ‘Article Titles: Article Requests by Month and Type’. This report will show the total full-text downloads across all the media types that are in the Digital Library on a monthly basis.