Help Students Find, Access, Use, Organize, and Save Digital Library Content and Sources

The PowerNotes digital learning and productivity toolkit is now available with a discounted option that includes all of the tools librarians and their patrons value. Join one of these April webinars for a live product demo to learn about the latest features and several major announcements.

Register Now for 12:00pm CST on Wednesday, April 6th or 3:00pm CST on Tuesday, April 12th

New Features

  • Library search through Google: PowerNotes can now integrate Google searches with your library discovery layer. Students searching on Google will get your library results on the Google search homepage.
  • Source evaluation framework for information literacy: Ability for the user to set a common set of criteria for uniformly evaluating sources across a project. Allows the user to then annotate each source in the project according to those criteria. Then allows the user to export just those source evaluation notes by source and criteria for evaluation.
  • Automated citations and bibliography export: PowerNotes automatically captures and formats citations just from highlighting on a page. Citations paired with saved quotes and annotations, and can easily be exported to a bibliography.
  • Group annotation: Our sharing and commenting features have enhanced to now facilitate discussion threads inside the PowerNotes sidebar. Students can read, annotate, and collaborate inside any online source in real time or asynchronously. All of this work can be exported.

What is PowerNotes? Any easy-to-use toolkit for students who struggle with;

  • finding and accessing digital library content,
  • saving citations and tracking sources,
  • reading on a screen,
  • organizing research and creating outlines,
  • building bibliographies,
  • and collaborating with instructors or peers on projects.

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