Sign-Up For New York Times Now and Get One Month Free with "13 for 12" Offer

Amigos Library Services offers member libraries discounts on subscriptions to The New York Times. Published in New York City since 1851, The New York Times is an important source for obtaining reports, information, and opinions on topics ranging from politics, finance, health, science, culture, the arts, sports, and fashion in the U.S. and abroad.

One free month of New York Times access is available for new subscriptions starting in January: sign up for 12 months starting in January and receive access in December for free! Sign up by November 18 to get the full free month - the sooner you place your order, the better!

This offer does not apply to renewal orders. More information about New York Times through Amigos can be found at For more detailed information about CRL’s New York Times site license, check out eDesiderata. To request a price quote, please email