Accessing the New PolicyMap now

Amigos vendor PolicyMap offers easy-to-use online mapping with data on demographics, real estate, health, jobs and more in communities across the US. Now after over two years in the works, the new updated PolicyMap is close to being completed! The "legacy" interface will soon be retired which means all users will only see the new PolicyMap. For users still seeing the "legacy" version, new PolicyMap can be accessed now by selecting the Dig Deeper: Explore Our New Maps on the top of the screen. New guides and tutorials are available as well as weekly trainings on the latest features.

Resource Links
If resource links to PolicyMap are still pointing to (https://[University Domain] with /maps at the end, it should now just point to (https://[University Domain] without /maps. If using a proxy forwarding service such as EZProxy, please update the proxy stanza to this also removing /maps at the end similar to:

  • Title PolicyMap
  • URL https://[University Domain]
  • HJ [University Domain]
  • DJ

Learn more about the new PolicyMap with these videos:

For questions or need any help making sure faculty and students have access to the new PolicyMap, please contact PolicyMap at