TAE/TExpress Initiates Barcode-based Package Tracking System!

Amigos Library Services launched a barcode-based tracking system this fiscal year for all participating Trans-Amigos Express/TExpress courier service libraries. All packages for an institution are now tagged with barcodes that drivers scan at each transaction point for incoming and outgoing shipments.

The TexShare Interlibrary Loan Courier Working Group, previous tracking pilot program participants, Amigos Library Services, and the courier vendor all collaborated to devise a tracking solution that would minimally impact library staff and operations while gathering enough data to track items in transit through the system. In the coming months, Amigos and the courier vendor will continue working together, with input from pilot institutions, to refine the system to eventually make tracking information available to all participants. Please refer to the FAQ’s on barcodes for more information on how to apply barcodes to labels and packages, the procedure for reporting a delayed package, and other commonly asked questions here: http://www.amigos.org/node/981. Contact Amigos (tae@amigos.org) for any other questions or comments.

Please go to http://www.amigos.org/node/981 for FAQs, instructions on how to apply barcode labels, the procedure for reporting delayed packages, and other information. Amigos invites your questions or comments about the new barcode-based system at tae@amigos.org.