Member Discount News

Three Exciting Trial Opportunities: Interstride, Nurimedia, and RAND Statistics!

In an effort to gage member interest in potential new vendor partners, we asked Interstride, Nurimedia, and RAND Statistics to open trials for their products/services for Amigos members. We did this in an effort to provide an opportunity for members to give feedback or express interest in a vendor before we onboard new vendor partners. Product information and trial details are below.

Project MUSE Books Custom Collections – Now available!

Long-time Amigos partner, Project MUSE, is excited to announce a new flexible and cost-effective way to acquire scholarly books on the MUSE platform. Project MUSE Books Custom Collections offer ultimate choice, allowing libraries to design a targeted collection by filtering 70,000+ available titles on criteria such as subject, publisher, and publication date, or curate a collection by making individual title selections.