Discuss and Explore Low Morale Studies With National Speaker Kaetrena Davis Kendrick at “The Renewal Colloquium”

As self-care takes a more prominent place in our lives, more attention is being given to morale. Join Kaetrena Davis Kendrick for The Renewal Colloquium, a discussion and exploration of the impacts of low morale in the workplace. Kendrick’s mission is to inspire authentic collegiality and to promote well-being, share the gifts of creativity, and cultivate empathetic, engaged leadership in the workplace. Kendrick has published articles and studies on low morale in academic and public libraries and will share insights from those studies and invite discussion of attendee’s experience of low morale in the workplace.

The Renewal Colloquium encourages attendees to informally discuss, explore, and resolve questions about Kendrick’s low morale studies (Kendrick ,2017; Kendrick & Damasco 2019; Kendrick 2021a; Kendrick 2021b) and/or their specific experiences of low morale. Brief prep work is encouraged for this moderated event. Join us, November 1, from 10:00 – 11:15 a.m. CDT for this special event!

Colloquium topics will cover:

  • Low-morale experience development
  • The role of practice-based and workplace barriers to resolving low morale
  • The influence of behaviors, organizational systems, and values and norms on low-morale experiences
  • Emerging and established pathways to workplace empowerment and improving individual choices and organizational culture.

Registration is required along with a fee of $125 for Amigos members, $185 for non-members.